Community Permaculture Education Activist Program

This year, we are starting the Community Permaculture Education Activist Program. Through this program, we will offer a Permaculture Course Subsidy for community service and education in Permaculture. Prior to the 15-day Permaculture Certification training course, students arrange to teach one or a series of one-day introduction to Permaculture Fundamentals classes after the course.

A typical charge for this one-day course is $20-$50. In this way, when the student cum teacher organizes 20-50 new people interested in Permaculture, they will earn $1000 toward their course. Once a student has earned at least $1000, the IIEA will subsidize the remaining cost of the course.

To apply for this program, please email with a letter of introduction and a list of locations where you are considering teaching. We will send you a packet of information and discuss it with you in more detail.

No courses are currently being offered at this time.

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