What About The Cost?

The cost of the 2007 Permaculture courses is _________. By taking this course, you gain so much more than the dollars you put out. Your cash input pays for the Permaculture Certificate. Why is this valuable to you?

If you are in need of a partial scholarship, please call us ASAP!

Financing is available to take the course for members of the Permaculture Credit Union.

It is important to realize that the course pays for itself! Many local and international opportunities are open for course graduates.

Following this course, people have accomplished the following:

  • embarked on new farming practices
  • begun land-based ventures
  • realized goals of self-sufficiency when moving out of cities
  • saved thousands of dollars on a real estate purchase
  • found ways of dramatically reducing energy
  • cut a multitude of other costs in their current operations/homes.

City dwellers have found that even with little or no land, Permaculture shows them how to work with their home to produce food, reduce energy needs, and live more ecologically.

Educators, farm advisors, international development workers, garden directors, builders, master gardeners, and building and landscape architects have all reported that what they've learned in this course has become the foundation of their work.

Farmers, nursery owners, foresters and livestock farmers have all found that permaculture design has multiplied their incomes, reduced their work, and improved the health of their stock.

Your investment of time and money in this course will pay you dividends for the rest of your life. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing that 100% of all revenues from this course go to domestic and international permaculture/sustainable agriculture education.

Scholarship Fund

At many Design courses we've looked around the audience and asked, "Where are the family farmers, where are the people of color, where are the high school biology teachers, Latino farm workers, community garden directors, master gardeners, and extension agents?" We recruit and screen applicants for scholarships based on how much of an impact on their communities we think they'll make. The IIEA is committed to recruit as many potential teachers from these groups as possible to our courses. Many of these folks will need partial or full scholarships to attend the course. Last year we were able to grant over $20,000 in scholarships due to the generous donations of individuals and institutions. Please consider a tax deductible donation to the IIEA's scholarship fund.

This year our goal is to grant $30,000 in scholarships. We can accept donations by credit card as well as checks.


Partial Scholarships through the Community Permaculture Activist Education Program

This year we are starting the Community Permaculture Education Activist Program. Through this program, we will offer a partial scholarship for the Permaculture Course through community service and education in Permaculture. Prior to the 15-day Permaculture Design Certification course, students can arrange to teach one or a series of one-day Introduction to Permaculture Fundamentals classes following the course.

More Information about the Permaculture Credit Union

The Permaculture Credit Union is a unique credit union chartered in 2000, that is membership owned, and dedicated to the Ethics of Permaculture: Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Re-investment of surplus to benefit the Earth and its inhabitants. It is rated one of the ten best green banking and investing firms in the U.S. by Co-op America and the Social Investment Forum's Community Investing Campaign in 2003.

The Permaculture Credit Union has pioneered a Sustainable Loan Discount Program that covers home energy efficiency upgrades, loans for fuel efficient cars, mortgages for non-toxic, sustainable houses, solar installations, and permaculture landscapes. The credit union is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but operates in California and all other states in the USA, has 615 members, and has total assets of $2,546,000.

Why do I need Permaculture Certification?

Permaculture is a copyrighted word. Only course graduates are permitted to advertise their goods or services with the word Permaculture. If you wish to use this word in pursuing a livelihood you must successfully complete the two week course. Then you may use the term Permaculture legally on your business cards, your brochures, and in your advertising. The copyright is owned by the graduates of the Permaculture Design Certification courses.

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