08/14/2015 Business gets done at AREDay summit in Snowmass

Business gets done at AREDay summit in Snowmass

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David Blume, CEO of Blume Distillation, left, signs an agreement with representatives of biofuels company Byogy as American Renewable Energy ...
About Blume Distillation LLC

Blume Distillation LLC is focused on designing and developing world class, appropriate-scale biorefinery systems that will produce alcohol products including 99.5% anhydrous bioethanol fuel from a diversity of locally available carbohydrate, sugar and starch-rich feedstock resources. Blume Distillation systems are suited to rapid deployment in a wide variety of commercial and geographic settings. The systems are designed to produce fuel at costs comparable to, or lower than industry standard large-scale systems and are ideal fuel replacements for applications including; clean indoor cooking, heating, electrical generation, non-electrical refrigeration as well as for fleet vehicles and transportation use.

Blume holds patented and proprietary IP and is focused on reducing CO2 emissions while providing high-value high-return end and co-products including; soil amendments, pergermination herbicides and methane gas. Blume Distillation LLC has Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS Ratings & Analytics) certification, is a member of the UN’s Global Alliance for Clean Cookstove  (GACC) Technology Partnership and is active in ACORE’s Renewable Energy for Latin America and the Caribbean (RELAC) as well as USDA/ARS Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA). 

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Byogy Renewables, Inc.

Byogy is a Renewable Fuel & Chemical Technology company that was formed in 2006 with the primary goal to produce 100% replacement, “drop-in” fuels, requiring no infrastructure modifications. Advancing over 20 years of R&D efforts backed by a credible team of petrochemical engineers, agriculture experts, and experienced business entrepreneurs, Byogy has developed a proprietary breakthrough catalytic fuel platform, utilizing equipment and reaction steps, already perfected at refinery scale in the petrochemical industry, that converts ethanol efficiently into full replacement, advanced biofuels requiring no blending.

Byogy is monetizing how renewable fuels and co-products can be produced and delivered in a manner that assembles the complete supply chain. Unlike almost all other renewable fuels trying to commercialize today, Byogy uses an existing global feedstock (sugar-ethanol) and proven petrochemical reactions to produce full replacement fuels that provide the highest fuel burn efficiencies and reduction of carbon emissions than any other renewable fuel.


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