10/20/2014 David Blume Keynotes Sustainable Community Focused PrepperFest Expo

Biofuel and Regenerative Ag Expert David Blume Keynotes Sustainable Community Focused PrepperFest Expo October 25 and 26, 2014 in Scottsdale AZ

Talks Provide a Roadmap for Energy Independence and Localized Food, Fuel and Job Development Programs

PrepperFest Expo 2014

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Blume Distillation LLC, a leading provider of appropriate-scale biorefinery alcohol fuel systems, announced today its participation in the sustainable community focused PrepperFest Expo. Globally renowned biofuels and sustainable Ag expert David Blume, CEO of Blume Distillation, will present solutions for implementing community resilience programs and economic opportunities driven by the localized production of low-cost, low-emission and renewable alcohol (ETOH) fuel. Blume will be speaking Saturday, October 25 at 3:30pm and again on Sunday, October 26 at 1:30pm (local time) at the Expo. PrepperFest is an open-to-the-public event, taking place at the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center at Westworld, 16601 N. Pima, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

The PrepperFest 2014 Fall Expo focuses on individual, family and community self-reliance solutions and the time honored Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared”. According to the Expo Organizer, Tony Tangalos, “In the last few decades, people have migrated from farms to cities and as a result have lost the connection with self-reliance that ALL of our ancestors knew was critical for living sustainably. David Blume presents a proven and exciting approach to the Expo to helps identify ways we can develop self-reliant families and communities. He explains in clear terms how we can produce abundant food, fuel and non-exportable jobs in our communities that support a life-style consistent with the vision so many people have today for how they want to live now and in the future.”

The Expo attracts thousands of business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, working farmers, parents and students from Arizona as well as across the country. The fall program features talks by sustainability experts including: Rachel Linden- Founder of GMO Free AZ, Joel Skousen- author of ‘Strategic Location’ and ‘The Secure Home’, Marjory Wildcraft - author of “Grow Your Own Groceries”, James Talmage Stevens- A.K.A. Doctor Prepper and many more, trade and craft experts.

“PrepperFest provides an ideal forum to present the technology, equipment and solutions we have developed at Blume Distillation, “ said Blume. “Our systems enable the use of local waste and surplus carbohydrate, starch, and sugar-rich resources to help build community resilience and level the choices for energy consumption.”

“Once we understand we can easily increase our local food production, develop new long-term local job opportunities and produce our own fuel for as little as $1 a gallon, we are able to take the steps required to bring about an end to energy and economic poverty plaguing communities everywhere,” Blume continued. “Ever rising fossil fuel costs, combined with their environmental impact, continues to focus global attention on the need for a fundamental transformation. As the new feature documentary PUMP the movie points out, we as consumers deserve a choice regarding fuel and energy. Big Oil won’t provide this, but we the people will.”

About PrepperFest: The goal of PrepperFest Expo is to give everyone the opportunity to explore self-reliance in a family-friendly atmosphere. Open to the Public, tickets are: $10 in advance for adults, $12 day of event. Kids under 12 are free. For more information or to purchase tickets call (480) 227-4182 or visit PrepperFestAZ.com.

About Blume Distillation LLC: David Blume is featured in the new Fuel Freedom Foundation produced, PUMP the movie and will be on air with acclaimed host Ernest Hancock on his Declare Your Independence radio program. Blume Distillation LLC is a leading provider of world-class, appropriate-scale biorefinery/distillation solutions to produce alcohol fuel from a diversity of available waste and surplus resources. The company is dedicated to helping solve one of the most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges of our time: the need for low-cost localized, renewable and clean fuel. For information visit BlumeDistillation.com.

Media Contact: Tom Harvey V.P., Blume Distillation LLC, + 01 (831) 722-1012 x105, tharvey@blumedistillation.com.

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