15-Day Permaculture Design Certification Courses

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This is the class where you will learn every facet of Permaculture and ecological agriculture from the best in the field.

Permaculture is a copyrighted word and when you wish to use the word for your own personal needs, you must be certified.

IIEA's course is very extensive, in-depth, hands-on, and personal. After a full day of learning, relaxed evenings often bring even more presentations.

The entire group will practice their new skills through the creation of a group Permaculture design on-site. This course is rich enough in material for professionals yet presented in an easily comprehended format for the lay student.

Registration is limited, as are some scholarships. The full course fee for the course is $1,477 which includes virtually all organic vegetarian meals, lodging/camping, good vibes, and camaraderie.

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