11/30/2010 International Delegates arrive in Atlanta for IIEA and Project Gaia

International Delegates arrive in Atlanta for IIEA and Project Gaia: clean indoor air and appropriate-scale alcohol fuel production Forum

Nigerian, Haitian, Mexican and US Representatives Participate in Program with Biofuel Expert and Author David Blume and Project Gaia Executive Director, Harry Stokes Initiating Plans for Development of Localized: Clean Cookstove, Abundant Jobs, Food, and Energy Solutions

WHAT: ATLANTA, GA, NOVEMBER 30, 2010. – The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA) and Project Gaia welcome International delegates to their International Forum focused on the localized production and use of appropriate-scale alcohol fuel for clean indoor cooking and energy needs.

According to globally renowned regenerative agriculture and alcohol fuel expert and author of the critically acclaimed book Alcohol Can Be A Gas! David Blume, “Locally produced Alcohol fuel is an ideal source of energy for cooking, heating, refrigeration, electrical generation and transportation needs. Developing this fuel provides communities with abundant food, energy and job opportunities and can immediately help stop global deforestation, the number 1 contributor to climate change.”

“Worldwide, more than three billion people lack access to modern forms of energy and cook with traditional stoves that burn polluting fossil-based fuels,” said Harry Stokes, Executive Director for Project Gaia. “Illnesses resulting from indoor air pollution claim an estimated 2 million lives worldwide each year. In many parts of the world pneumonia in infants and small children is the primary cause of death, and evidence links wood-fire cooking smoke to chronic bronchitis in women, low birth-weight in children, active TB, and many other ailments. Clean-burning stoves and alcohol fuels can dramatically change these statistics and that is why we have Forum participants coming from around the world to learn more about these practical and affordable solutions.”

During the 2½-day educational Forum participants will learn ways to:

  • Provide pollution-free energy for safe indoor cooking and other uses
  • Stabilize domestic fuel production costs at less than 30 cents/liter (USD)
  • Curb deforestation, black carbon emissions and global warming and earn carbon credits
  • Integrate domestic food and energy production
  • Identify high-value, high-yield crops for all climates to produce sustainable energy and increase soil fertility
  • Create and encourage permanent local jobs

Forum registrants include governmental consultants, business and private sector leaders from Nigeria, Haiti, Mexico and the US. Participating organizations include: the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Renewable Energy Division, Zenith Agroethanol Nigeria Limited, Nsik Motors Limited, Toloms Traves & Tours, Oranit Oil & Gas, Public Private Alliance Foundation, Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF), Grace International as well as other internationally-focused interests.

When: Monday, Nov 29, through Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
Where: Embassy Suites, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA.

Working Press is invited. Photos available. For more information about the event contact:
Tom Harvey – IIEA (530) 257-3533 • thcommunications@gmail.com, or visit the IIEA website.

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