02/03/2009 Jump-Start your Renewable Energy Career: DAVID BLUME ?Two days to Energy Independence? intensive workshop

Jump-Start your Renewable Energy Career: DAVID BLUME “Two days to Energy Independence” intensive workshop Puts you on fast track for Alcohol Fuel and Related business Ventures

Bloomington, IL Program Feb 14 and 15 is Opportunity to Answer Obama’s Call
to Create New Non-Exportable Jobs in Renewable Energy

Chicago, IL. February 03, 2009. – The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA) announced today that it is rolling out the first of its 2009 intensive workshop programs February 14 and 15 in Bloomington, IL to help fast-track new career opportunities and business starts for the rapidly growing renewable energy revolution.

David Blume, executive director of IIEA and recent author recipient of the American Corn Growers Association’s Truth in Agricultural Journalism award, will lead the open-to-the-public workshop where attendees will learn how they can:

  • Earn federal and state renewable energy tax incentives that can offset as much as 80% of the startup costs for a small-scale alcohol fuel business.

  • Beat the fuel and food price increases predicted for 2009.

  • Produce clean alcohol fuel for less than a dollar per gallon from waste, toxic and spoiled food, common weeds, as well as high-return crops.


Our two day workshop is an ideal launch pad for green business entrepreneurs, activists, farmers, and people everywhere who are interested in developing their own energy independence and taking control of their economic future,” said Blume. “Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of alcohol fuel production and the related byproduct opportunities it creates and will get a detailed look at what they can do today to start a “green” energy business from resources that are available everywhere.”

Organizations including the American Corn Growers Association and the Center for Sustainable Communities are supporting Blume’s workshops as the answer to the economic depression that is stifling virtually every industry and market in America today.

Blume’s Alcohol Can Be a Gas! (www.alcoholcanbeagas.com) has ranked as Amazon.com’s top-selling automotive and sustainable agriculture book for the last 6 months and serves as the course book for the coming “Two Days to Energy Independence” workshop.

The workshop will be held in Schroeder Hall, room 103 at Illinois State University on February 14 and 15. Enrollment is limited. The complete course curriculum and registration details are available online at www.alcoholcanbeagas.com/store/alcohol_workshops.

On Monday February 9, Blume will be hosting an intro to Alcohol Fuel discussion in Kankakee IL at the Kankakee Community College Workforce Development Building, room D-140. For more information contact:  KCC Sustainability Center, Rich Schultz, Coordinator.  rschultz@kcc.edu or 815-802-8243.

For more information about Mr. Blume, IIEA, or coming workshops, contact Tom Harvey theCommunications • (530) 257-3533 • thcommunications@gmail.com, or visit www.permaculture.com.


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