11/28/2008 GM Deserves Bailout Under One Condition: Get Flex Fuel Competitive Now

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GM Deserves Bailout Under One Condition:

Get Flex Fuel Competitive Now

Auto Fuel Expert David Blume Says:

Brazil and China Are Eating the U.S. Auto Industry’s Lunch”


SANTA CRUZ, CA. NOV 21, 2008. — International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, (IIEA) Executive Director and renewable auto fuel expert David Blume went on record warning Congress, the Auto Industry and President Elect Obama’s in-coming Energy Task Force that other countries around the world are “eating the U.S. Auto Industry’s lunch” when it comes to manufacturing vehicles that leverage Flex Fuel design and renewable energy technology.

During an “on-air” interview with ABC affiliate WRJN radio program host Alan Eisenberg Sunday 11/23, Blume explained that “Brazil laid the groundwork for becoming a powerhouse economy, independent of OPEC, in the 1980s, when it required automakers in that country (including General Motors) to produce alcohol-only engines. The Government mandated that the manufacturers ‘make alcohol engines or leave the country’. Six months later, high-compression, high-performance alcohol-only vehicles began rolling off every car company’s assembly line.”

Blume suggests that President-Elect Obama, will also soon be the new “CEO of GM” and would be wise to take a similar tack with America’s automakers, tying any potential “bailout” to conditions that would require commitment to spearheading his renewable energy program.

By developing alcohol fuel as a center piece of a new sustainable energy policy, the U.S. would be saving itself a trillion dollars a year in oil imports and would reestablish itself as an exporter of vehicles rather than a major importer,” Blume continued. “As we switch to alcohol fuel we will create a large permanent increase in new economic opportunities, eliminate food shortages in America and across the world and reverse climate change.”

Along with Brazil and China, Blume cites Sweden’s GM division as already advancing the future of Flex Fuel cars with the announcement of its coming high-performance AEON release. “Ford is working on these solutions and GM and Chrysler have the capability and technology, we just need to use the bailout to ensure the proper motivation and focus,” concluded Blume.


About David Blume

David Blume is the author of the Amazon best selling book Alcohol Can Be A Gas and is the leading advocate for Alcohol Fuel and the role of the American Farmer in developing a truly sustainable energy and food policy. For more information: www.alcoholcanbeagas.com


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