01/26/2009 David Blume Rural Revitalization and Non-Exportable Job Creation Work Earns "Truth in Agricultural Journalism" Award

ACGA and FarmAid Acknowledge and Support Blume’s Social and Environmental Contributions


SANTA CRUZ, CA. January 26, 2009 - International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA) announced today that its executive director, permaculture and biofuels expert David Blume, received the American Corn Growers Association’s prestigious Truth in Agricultural Journalism award last week at the organization’s 22nd annual national convention. The convention featured a one-day workshop presentation by Mr. Blume focused on rural revitalization and non-exportable job creation, based on permaculture and alcohol fuel production concepts and was sponsored by ACGA, along with FarmAid grant assistance.

We presented our Truth in Agricultural Journalism award to Mr. Blume for his insight, integrity, and knowledge and for his courage to be unbiased, impartial, and honest in his commitment to families on the land,” said Pam Horwitz, executive director of the American Corn Growers Association (www.acga.org). “We encourage and support Mr. Blume's efforts. He is doing good and vital work on behalf of farmers and the American populace.”

Blume’s Alcohol Can Be a Gas! (www.alcoholcanbeagas.com) has ranked as Amazon.com’s top-selling automotive book and sustainable agriculture book for the last 6 months and is providing a foundation for the revitalization of rural America through the development of new agricultural and renewable energy jobs. ACGA and FarmAid are promoting Blume's educational outreach workshops as part of a program to help prevent the collapse of America's independent farming industry.

In 2009 with a new and hopefully more committed administration, we have a great opportunity to jump-start our nation's economy,” said Blume. “Americans are no longer willing to sit back and watch as big business and bad government policies extinguish what once was a bright future. I am working with organizations including ACGA and FarmAid, as well as entrepreneurs and political leaders all over this country, to demonstrate how we can save a trillion dollars now, have ample clean and inexpensive heat and transportation fuel, and create 25 million new non-exportable jobs. In 2009 we will be bringing this message of hope to every region of our country.”

In addition to the ACGA award, whose recent recipients include Michael Pollan, Ed Maxiner, and Alan Guebbert, Coast to Coast Radio selected a David Blume interview from among hundreds of shows it aired last year as one its “Best of 2008” programs. The entire landmark 3-hour interview with host George Noory will be rebroadcast periodically in the coming year (www.CoasttoCoastam.com).

For more information about Mr. Blume, IIEA, ACGA, or coming workshops, contact Tom Harvey • theCommunications • (530) 257-3533 • thcommunications@gmail.com, or visit www.permaculture.com.


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